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High borosilicate 4.0 special glass

With characteristics of low expansion coefficient, high softening temperature, light weight, high mechanical strength, and good weather resistance, it is the material of choice for monolithic fire resistant glass, and it can also be made in building energy-saving fire resistant materials with better comprehensive efficiency by coating, insulating, and other methods.

Performance parameters of high borosilicate 4.0

  • The original sheet size can be up to 4500 mm x 2440 mm, with thickness of 4 mm to 15 mm, the middle size can be produced according to customer demand.

Superior fire performance

  • Fire resistance time is more than 120 minutes. With ultra-high transparency, it can maintain the transparency and beauty of the building while still ensuring people’s vision for escape and rescue in case of fire.

Ultra-high chemical stability

  • Good weather resistance, stable and UV resistant

Excellent optical performance

  • Ultra-clear, high light transmittance, 92% visible light transmittance.

High strength and super light

  • It is more than 10% lighter than ordinary glass, and has super high mechanical strength. As a building material, it can significantly reduce the weight of the building.

No hidden danger of self explosion

  • At present, self explosion is a very difficult hidden danger to overcome for building safety glass. High borosilicate fire resistant glass eliminates the hidden danger of self explosion because the raw material and system do not contain nickel, and all glass products do not have NIS crystal.


  • High borosilicate glass can be cut, edged, punched and coated before tempering. High borosilicate glass and other glass can be made into building energy-saving and fire proof materials with better comprehensive efficiency by means of gluing, hollow sealing and vacuum.

Double security

  • The fully toughened monolithic high borosilicate fire resistant glass meets the requirements of fire resistant performance and safety performance.
Technical parameters
Liner coefficient of thermal expansion a(20-300°C)4.0土0. 1 X 10﹣βK1
Softening point (107. 6 dPas)>843 o C
Density p(25°C) (g/ cm3)2.28士0.01
Follow-up can be processed by cutting, edging, punching, tempering, ect.

Application field

high borosilicate 4.0 fire resistant glass can be used in door, window, curtain wall, smoke wall, lighting roof and partition wall without heat insulation requirements. And it mainly used for fireproof glass, with fireproof integrity up to 120 minutes.