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High borosilicate 3.3 special glass

With characteristics of low expansion coefficient, good thermal performance, mechanical performance, optical performance and ultra-high chemical stability, it is the best cost effective material in the heat resistant glass of household appliances, and also a high performance material in the fields of solar energy, automobile, anticorrosion, etc.

Performance parameters of high borosilicate 3.3

  • The original sheet size can be up to 3660 mm x 2440 mm, with thickness of 2 mm to 15 mm, the middle size can be produced according to customer demand.

Good thermal performance

Liner coefficient of thermal expansion a(20-300°C)

3.3土0. 1 X 10﹣βK1

Softening point (107. 6 dPas)

>820 o C

Heat shock temperature

>200 o C

Long service temperature

>450o C

Good mechanical performance

Density p(25°C) (g/ cm3)


Elastic modulus (kN/mm2)


Mohs hardness (HM )


Follow-up can be processed by cutting, edging, punching, tempering, ect.

Ultra-high chemical stability

  • Water resistance (ISO 719) Grade A
  • Acid resistance (IS0195) Grade A
  • Alkali resistance (ISO 695) Grade B

Excellent optical performance

  • The visible light transmittance is 92 %, and the high transmittance of near infrared and ultraviolet band is more than 90%. Its intrinsic fluorescence is much lower than that of sodium – calcium glass.

Application field

  • Heat resistant glass for household appliance, high efficiency lamp,cinema projector and chemical reactor