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Tempered Glass

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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a special safety glass that has strong uniform compressive stress on surface when heated to near softening point after rapid heating. Tempered glass has high mechanical strength and can not be re cut in any form

  • Quality standard: GB15763.2-2002 and EN12150 European Standard
  • Good safety performance: the glass become small obtuse particles after broken, reduce harm to human.

  • High mechanical strength: 4-5 times compared to ordinary glass

  • High deflection: 3-4 times compared to ordinary glass, suitable for large area glass curtain wall.
  • Good thermal stability performance: 3 times compared to ordinary glass that able to withstand the highest temperature, it can withstand 300 ℃ temperature changing.
  • Tempered glass has self-implosion due to its structural characteristics during forming. And it can reduce the “self-destruct” with Thermal homogenization in tempered glass homogenous furnace. Tempered glass produced by Grand factory can be processed thermal homogenization according to European standard EN14179-1.

Semi-tempered Glass

 Semi-tempered Glass, also known as Heat Strenghened Glass, its mechanical strength is 1.6 to 2 times compare to  ordinary glass, but it’s smoothness is better than tempered glass, the biggest advantage is that there is no self-explosion. When the glass is destroyed by external force, the crack extends from the striking point to the edge, forming a radial shape, most of the glass can remain in the frame, to reduce or avoid hurting the human body.

Quality standard: GB/T17841-2008 and EN1863 European standard

Application: Widely used in high requirements on mechanical strength, security position, or near heat and big impact of cold and hot shock position, such as: glass door and window, building curtain wall, facade, interior partition, furniture, greenhouses, greenhouse, etc


Max Size: 2440mm*6000mm

Min Size: 300mm*300mm

All-Steel thickness: 3-19mm

Semi-Steel thickness: 4-12mm


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