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Solar Control Coated Glass

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Solar Control Coated Glass

Solar Control Coated Glass, also known as Thermal reflection coated glass, is produced by vacuum magnetron sputtering on high quality float glass surface, coated with one layer , multilayers metal or other Metallic compound films. The main function of the films is to make  the glass has the lower shading coefficient SC, and show different reflective colors needed by controlling the reflection and absorption ratio of different solar wavelengths.

  • Quality standard: GB/T18915.1 and EN1096 European standard.

  • Size: Max size: 2540mm x 7000mm Min size: 300mm x900mm

  • Thickness: 3-19mm

  • Show different reflective colors, to meet different decorative effect requirement. Silver gray, gray, blue and gray, blue, grey green, green , green blue, golden, brown, champagne different colors for choose.
  • Restrict the incidence of direct solar radiation effectively, good effect on sun shading.
  • Control the transmittance of the visible light in accordance with the needs to meet the requirements of the indoor shelter
  • Restrict the radiation of ultraviolet effectively to avoid the damage of indoor goods by ultraviolet light
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Application Area:

In summer hot area, that the building need colourful decorative effect, and the door window or partition need screen effect.