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Self-cleaning Glass

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Self-cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass is a special glass which plate the nano-scale transparent Titanium dioxide catalytic film on glass surface. In the sunlight, self-cleaning glass can decompose organic matter and produce induced hydrophilicity, so the rain wash is easy to remove pollutants, to achieve the clean-effect on glass surface, it reduces the number and difficulty of manual cleaning, save water , reduce manual cleaning costs, avoid the inconvenience of cleaning.

  • Quality standard: Q/GLTG01-2010

  • Size: Max Size: 2540mm*7000mm

    Min Size: 300mm*300mm

  • Thickness: 3-19mm

  • High decomposition rate of organic matter: the decomposition rate of Grand self-cleaning glass can reach more than 92%, the common decomposition rate is 30%-90% in the market.
  • With super hydrophilicity: the rain can wash pollutants more fully, cleaning effect can achieve manual cleaning effect; When the rain one the glass surface, it will form the uniform distribution of water curtain, but not form banded water or watermark.

  •  It has bactericidal effect: bacteria can be decomposed and killed in light as organic matter, and also has a certain anti mildew effect.

  • Durable: titanium dioxide catalytic membrane only acts as a catalyst under illumination. It does not react and consume when decomposing organic matter, and has the same service life as glass.

Self-cleaning Low-E glass:

Self-cleaning Low-E glass is a composite of self-cleaning glass and Low-E glass, it has the energy saving and environmental protection function. Grand is the first one who has the independent intellectual property and to produce self-cleaning low-e glass in bulk.


  • It can improve the lighting and perspective, reduce the cost of energy, and make the indoor environment more comfortable.
  • It can make full use of the solar ultraviolet energy , loose and degrade organic pollutants under photocatalysis,  and keep the glass clean by rain wash, reduce the manual cleaning

Self-cleaning Photovoltaic glass

Self-cleaning photovoltaic glass is Special compound glass products, which is to plate a layer easy-cleaning film on photovoltaic glass surface, keep the photovoltaic glass clean, then to increase the solar energy capture and conversion rate of pv modules.


  •  Improve the power generation performance: the super hydrophilic film is combined with the photovoltaic glass component to keep the the photovoltaic glass surface clean, and then to improve the solar energy and conversion rate.
  • Used as building material: it can be used directly as a building curtain wall and a ceiling, which integrates power generation and self cleaning.
  •  Be applied to solar intelligent windows, solar Pavilion, photovoltaic glass building curtain wall and ceiling.



Application Area:

According to customer’s requirements, self-cleaning glass can be made into a variety of specifications of the coating (including low-e), hollow, sandwich, steel, photovoltaic and other buildings with self-cleaning glass composite products

  • It can be used in almost all outdoor venues, such as windows, greenhouse, building walls and glass roof, especially applicable to the construction site that is not easy to clean such as slope, curtain wall, taper spire type curtain wall, the spherical curtain wall, water curtain glass decoration, also buildings that has larger visitors, bacteria concentration, and inconvenience for cleaning such as hospitals, hotels and exhibition.