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Laminated Glass

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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is produced by tough PVB intermediate film between two layers glass with high temperature and high pressure technical. Laminated glass is widely used as a true safety glass.

PVB film has colorless transparent and multiple colors for choice to show different styles of decorative effect.

  • Quality standard: GB15763.3-2009 and BS952 European standard
  • Size: Max size: 2440mm x 8000mm
  • Min size: 300mm x300mm
  • Glass Thickness: 3-19mm
  • PVB Thickness: 0.38-2.11mm
  • PVB color: colorful/ colorless
  • Good safety performance: it won’t become sharp fragment hurt people when broken after impact, it’s because the glass fragment will stick to the PVB film between the two pieces of glass.
  • Good security performance: laminated glass has a good resistance to malicious destruction and violent invasion because it’s very difficult to be destroyed, loud noisy and time-consuming.
  • With bullet proof, explosion-proof performance: multilayers laminated glass can be made into various levels of bullet proof, explosion-proof glass
  • Anti-UV: laminated glass has a very high partition effect on ultraviolet radiation, avoiding the damage of curtains,  valuable furniture, exhibits or other items by ultraviolet radiation.


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Application Area:

Building doors and windows, daylighting ceiling, skylight, ceiling, overhead ground, large area glass curtain wall, indoor glass partition, glass furniture, shop windows, counters, aquarium and hurricane area, earthquake prone area.