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Insulated Glass

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Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is glassware component composed of two or more pieces of glass, which are effectively supported and evenly separated and sealed by the surrounding adhesion, make the glass layer form the dry gas space. The insulated glass has the advantages of good insulation performance, light weight and so on, which is widely used as energy-saving building materials. Grand introduce Lisec full-automatic production line (automatic side membrane removal, continuous long foot bend, automatic glue, automatic inflatable), Hollow glass is formed once, good sealing effect, long service life. The Lisec can also produce three-glass two-chamber hollow glass, the two chamber have different widths.

  • Quality standard: GB/T11944-2002 and EN1279 European Standard
  • Size: Max Size: 2600mm*5000mm (if oversize, can Manual glue)
  • Min Size: 300mm*300mm
  • Thickness of glass chips: 3-19mm
  • Chamber width: 6mm、9mm、12mm、16mm、20mm
  • Thermal insulation: the dry gas in the hollow layer has a very low heat conduction coefficient, which can block the heat conduction inside and outside effectively. It blocks large amount of heat into the room in summer, and blocks the loss of valuable heat in the room in winter, which  reduces the indoor heating and cooling costs greatly.
  • Sound insulation: the hollow layer forms a good sound insulation barrier, and the insulation effect is better after the inert gas is filled.
  • Good lighting and light weight: Insulated glass, use for building curtain walls has the same heat insulation and soundproof effect as brick walls and concrete walls, but increase lighting area and reduce the construction weight.
  • Prevent condensation. The synthetic hollow is filled with dry molecular sieve, which ensures the gas is dry in the hollow layer. It will not form condensation at -40 above C. In the meanwhile, the dewing temperature on outer surface of the insulated glass is lower than ordinary glass.
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Application area

Insulated glass is widely used in various building doors and windows curtain wall, broadcast recording and other places.