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Ceramic Fritted Glass

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Ceramic Fritted Glass

Ceramic fritted glass is a kind of wear-resisting,acid-resisting decorative glass, which make the ink print on the glass surface in Specific pattern, then drying, toughening, to ensure the  pattern  sintering in the glass surface permanently. Ceramic fritted glass includes tempered ceramic fritted glass and half-tempered ceramic fritted glass.

  • Quality standard: JC/T1006-2006

  • Size: Max Size: 2440mm x 6000mm  Min Size: 300mm x 300mm

  • Thickness: All-steel thickness: 3-19mm Semi-steel thickness: 4-12mm

  • Rich color of the the patterns. The architectural designer can perform various kinds of decorative effects through the flexible collocation of the glazed ink pattern and color.

  • The glazed ink is sintered in the toughening process ,and the color of the pattern is very stable, will not fall off and fade.

  • It absorb and reflect part of the solar energy, has a better effect of sun shading and a certain energy saving effect

  • It has the safety characteristics as tempered glass

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Application Area:

Subway shielded door , window wall ,decorative curtain, overhead ground , etc.